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About Me

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As the proud owner of AF Remodeling, I am fueled by my passion for transforming spaces into something beautiful and functional. But my love extends beyond remodeling — it's also about serving my clients. Seeing their joy when they see the end product and knowing that I helped make their home a better place to live makes it all worthwhile.


What sets me apart? My commitment to clear and open communication. I'm not just going to disappear during your project — I'm an over-communicator who will keep you informed every step of the way. My extensive experience in real estate, including countless whole house remodels, I know how to handle any challenge that arises.


But let's talk value. With access to wholesale resources for materials, I can connect you with distributors for top-quality materials at a competitive price. Or, I’d be happy to install your own selected materials. My ultimate goal is to reduce the stress you encounter during the remodeling process. I can provide you with wise recommendations on design, materials, and every other facet to remodel the home of your dreams — owing to my 20 years of real estate expertise and having been licensed as a real estate agent, mortgage originator and contractor.

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